SetApart 1
Do Something



"The digital world is ever evolving and we need to evolve with it..." 


With a focus on the world of digital design I have learned that if you are standing still you will be left behind. So when I began my career in motion graphics and transitioned to digital design, I knew I would never be standing still. I made it my missions to grow and evolve with it. How do you do that? Daily research, reading, learning new programs and starting daily design projects. 

This digital design lifestyle has given me opportunities to design for companies like Disney, Cartoon Network, Fox, Ford, Wrigley, and many more. Outside of the current company that I am employed under, I am known as SetApart1. Creating Digital art online with an ever-growing following on Instagram and Twitter. I will continue to grow in this amazing medium.

Clients Include: Sony Pictures, Disney, Ford, Fox, Wrigley,  Cartoon Network,  Daimler, Freightliner, Mcdonalds, Michelin, Nascar, ESPN Events and NHTSA.